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Recording & Broadcast Studios, Music Practice Rooms & Podcast Voice Over Booths
Produce your next masterpiece with Eckel Studios. Eckel Acoustics Professionals will guide you through Eckel’s selection of Voice Over & Podcast Booths, Music Practice Rooms, or design a Custom Studio built to suit.
Standard & Custom Engineered Studio Designs
Utilize Eckel’s PRO & ADV specifications as a launch point for your Custom Studio Design. Consult with an Eckel Acoustic Professional to outline your studio’s requirements and describe your desired performance goals.
Top producers & recording artists rely on Eckel’s products and systems to deliver acoustic performance.
Speak with an Eckel Studios sales representative to get started.
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Eckel Studios

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Custom Studios, Music Practice Rooms & Podcast VOBs
Eckel Podcast VOBs are the perfect addition to your Reading Book Library or Podcast Studio.
Eckel Music Practice Rooms are ideal for music learning academies, music practice and schools.
Eckel Custom Studios 
are engineered for professional audio recording, media production and broadcasting.
Trust Eckel for your studios’ acoustic integrity and sound performance.
Featured Eckel Studio Artist: Luke P. Jackson

Luke Jackson

Eckel Studios Featured Artist
From a Custom Eckel Studio to a Stage Near You

Eckel Featured Artist: Luke Jackson is in the industry spotlight. Loved as a musicians’s musician, Jackson’s epic productions have been well praised from Nashville to New York, LA to London.
With Luke Jackson in an Eckel Custom Studio,  the singer song writer was able to capture pure magic, soulful melodies and to record unforgettably phrased lyrics. Listen for Luke Jackson‘s next recording in an Eckel Studio.