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Precise Recording & Pure Production
Eckel’s Podcast Voice Over Booths, Music Practice Rooms and Studios offer an ideal environment for vocal and other recording studio applications. Eckel studios create the perfect acoustic setting for audio engineering and the recording of live performances in a controlled setting.

Standard & Custom Design


Engineered and built using the same technology found in our clinical grade audiometric rooms, voiceover rooms and studios offer the same design qualities and performance capabilities. The walls, windows, ceiling and door systems incorporate acoustic treatment and provide an ideal environment for all types of recordings. The doors seal with double magnetic gaskets, and all doors and optional windows are STC-rated assemblies, providing a high degree of sound separation between the recording room and the control room. Additionally, isolated floors prevent the transmission of low-frequency vibration noise. Rooms and studios feature a quiet ventilation system, ceiling lighting and AC outlets. Audio cables provide microphone and amplifier connections to the control room.




Eckel’s Podcast VOBs, Music Practice Rooms and Custom Studios provide the ideal environment for vocal recording, overdubs, performance enhancements and other studio applications. While the array of applications is endless, the rooms are often used for production, recording and broadcasting of live musical and theatrical performances, lectures, symposia, oral histories and video interviews.
Rely on 65+ years of Eckel to design and deliver a Podcast VOB, Music Practice Room or Custom Studio.


Achieve Acoustic Performance
Separate Various Production Elements
Provide Controlled Environments for Sound & Media Production
Create Music as it was Meant to be Experienced
Produce Vocals as they were Meant to be Heard


Eckel’s Innovative Technologies Better the Human Experience

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Why Us

Recording with Eckel
We control the acoustics – You produce the sound.

Inside my studio, the outside world is left behind. It's pure acoustic performance. Custom Eckel Studios are engineered to deliver an artist's sound as it was meant to be heard.

Luke Jackson
Luke JacksonSinger Song Writer

Eckel knows how to build a phenomenal heavy metal studio and make its acoustic performance flawless. Highly recommended!

Ryan Clements
Ryan ClementsBass Guitarist - Ominous Eclipse

Eckel recording studio captures sounds of life in the Big Easy. Eckel’s Voice Over Booths and Studios offer an ideal environment for vocal and other recording studio applications

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Mint Museum New Orleans