Our History

for the record...
With expertise in creating optimal sound environments, Eckel Noise Control Technologies has been at the forefront of acoustic analysis and design since 1952. Founded in Cambridge, Massachusetts, Eckel helped to create the world’s first Anechoic Chamber at Harvard University. Since then, the company has pioneered chamber design for use in product testing from cell phones to cars to jet engines helping engineers and manufacturers achieve exceptional quality standards.

An Eckel Chamber holds the World Record for the “Quietest Place on Earth”
Microsoft contracted with Eckel to design and build an anechoic chamber. The successfully completed project would eventually  achieve the word record for the quietest place on earth.

Imagine what we can do for the Recording Industry.

Building on the science behind its Anechoic Chambers, Eckel set the standard for the design and manufacture of other types of noise control solutions. VOBs, Music Practice Rooms & Studios create the ideal controlled environment for recording and other sound isolation applications. Acoustic Panels provide precise control of reverberation and background noise in any setting from auditoriums and gyms to concert halls and industrial facilities. Industrial and Product Testing Enclosures offer custom-engineered options for noise isolation.

No Matter the Acoustic Challenge, Eckel has a Sound Solution.
Eckel Innovations Improve the Human Experience.
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