Podcast Voice Over Booths

Pure Vocal Performance at an Affordable Price. Fully demountable, Eckel VOBs are the perfect addition to your local Reading Book Library, Podcast or Voice Over Studio.
Unique in the market for mini-size, acoustic integrity, durability and utility. Eckel VOBs provide professional results at an affordable cost.


Music Practice Rooms

Eckel’s Music Practice Rooms (MPRs) are the Gold Standard of Music Academies, Practice Facilities and Recording Studios. Professional quality Eckel MPRs offer a wide range of options designed for general music practice to precise recording applications. Eckel MPRs are found in schools, homes and private studios. Eckel’s ADA PRO MPR series are designed to provide access and accommodation to those requiring assistance or using assistive devices.

Custom Studios

Utilize Eckel’s PRO & ADV specifications as a launch point for your Custom Studio Design. Consult with an Eckel Acoustic Professional to outline your studio’s requirements and describe your desired performance goals. For 65+ years, top producers & recording artists have relied on Eckel’s products and systems to deliver acoustic performance.


Custom Solutions

Eckel Acoustical Engineers are ready to make your dream studio, music or drum practice room a reality. Our specialized services draw on over 65+ years of acoustic engineering and sound control. Rely on Eckel professionals to design and deliver your customized acoustic solution, including but not limited to the following systems:

  • Control and Listening Rooms
  • Drum Rooms
  • Polygonal Designs
  • ETSI Testing Solutions
  • Sound Stages & Auditoriums
  • Acoustic Test Chambers
  • EFP Panels

Speak with an Eckel Sales Representative to get started with a custom solution for your professional recording or broadcast studio, music learning academy, or media production environment.