Quietest Place on Earth

Microsoft sets Guinness World Record with Eckel Anechoic Chamber
Microsoft now holds the Guinness World Record for Quietest Place on Earth.
Eckel Noise Control Technologies helped the tech giant get there.

Microsoft is known as a leader in computer and electronics R&D, and continually invests in upholding that reputation. So, when the company needed a new anechoic chamber for audio and device testing at its testing facilities, the engineers aimed to create a truly state-of-the art acoustic environment. What they didn’t realize was this: they were designing something truly unique—the absolute quietest room on the planet.

Microsoft contracted with Eckel to design and build an anechoic chamber, under the direction of Eckel’s installer. Eckel completed the project (which also included constructing two smaller anechoic chambers and went on to achieve the World Record for the Quietest Place on Earth).