Eckel VOBs, MPRs and Studios are provided with instructions detailing the complete installation process. Quality installations ensure maximum noise control. When in doubt, contact your sales representative or Eckel directly. Third-party installers may also be contracted to install. Installations should be conducted by certified Eckel installers.

To ensure installation success and maximum performance, Eckel’s Vice President, Jamie LeBlanc, recommends the following:

KNOW-HOW Follow the instructions provided with every room which detail the complete installation process or request a certified Eckel Installation Service be included with your quote.
SQUARED Ensure floor tracks are laid out equally from existing walls and squared by measuring diagonally corner to corner.
SEALED Ensure quality sealing. When finished, well installed rooms should be sealed so tightly they’d almost float in water.
LEVELLED Each Panel must be level to the next during installs. Panels must be locked and unlocked until fits are flush.
TIMED Quality is the result of being prepared and managing time, installations must not be rushed, seek perfection.
PRIDE Be proud of your new installation. It not only represents Eckel but also reflects your professional standards and precision.

ASK JAMIE Vice President, Jamie LeBlanc is available to answer application or installation questions and will provide prompt direct replies. When in doubt, contact your sales representative or Eckel directly. Third-party installers may also be contracted to install.  To ensure maximum noise control, installations should be conducted by certified Eckel installers.